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Advantages of the NASK Partner Programme

Simple and transparent rules:
  • registration on a "first come, first served" basis"

  • registrant's country of domicile not required

  • rights to a domain name not verified

  • registration and service fully automated

  • arbitration courts settling disputes on .pl domain names

  • communication through EPP

  • automated 24/7 access to the registration system (Registry)

  • pre-paid functionality

  • dynamic DNS updates every 5 minutes

  • three level access control to system (1024 bit certificates,
    IP filtration, logging authorization)

  • access to the WHOIS database (registration date, status, expiry date, etc.)

  • registration and renewal of domain names for a period from 1 to 10 years

  • .pl domain name registration price for registrars: PLN 9,9/year

  • registration of second level domain names,
    e.g. .com.pl (PLN 9,9/year), .waw.pl (PLN 9,9/year)

  • account manager assigned to each registrar

  • WWW service panel dedicated to registrars

Additional services:
  • IDN (Internationalized Domain Name)

  • option - WLS (Waiting List Service)

  • free IPv6 support


  • billing period modification

  • .pl Registry Lock

If you are interested in joining the Partner Programme, please get acquainted with preconditions.